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A look into ways to implement and share data with interrupt handlers in Rust (Update 1)

In this blog entry I will explain a bit what interrupts are and they work in embedded systems and compare various interrupt implementation and sharing methods in Rust.

Update 2020-03-06: @jamesmunns has provided a new version of cmim which allows to use the SysTick exception and an adaption of the example for it so I updated this post accordingly.

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Converting an Embedded HAL impl from digital::v1 to digital::v2 traits

A while ago people had the idea to introduce fallible traits for GPIO pin to allow the implementation of virtual pins and port expanders. In this blog I'm demonstrating how to convert an existing implementation to the v2 version of the traits.

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A deeper look into embedded-bridge with an example

In the previous part I introduced the concept of embedded-bridge. Now let's dive a little bit deeper and have a look at a real life example.

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Introduction into a new approach to develop with and for embedded devices

Maybe you've wondered whether there was a simpler way to prototype with MCUs or or interface with typical MCU peripherals in a simpler way than the usual code (even in the slightly more complicated no_std flavour), program, debug, test cycle. Wonder no more because now there's a approach on the horizon and this first article will explain the concept behind that...

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A closer look at the E32-868T20D LoRA Module with UART interface

I've recently set up a gateway for The Things Network and to spice things up a bit a was looking into possibilities of hooking up some microcontroller based board to it. So it started to look into options how to make this happen.

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